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About Us

The history of Manmart Education goes a long time before when it was USSR and Director of Manmart Dr.Jasmeet Dhillon came to USSR in 1987 to study MBBS study in Crimea.But in 1991 USSR broke up and was created CIS countries like Russia,Ukraine,Belarus,Georgia and others. Manmart is registered in city Chandigarh,India and deals in exporting of pharmaceutical products to CIS countries.Manmart has more than 27 years experience in pharm-business. Except that Manmart education has a long and successful history of recruiting ambitious and quality international students to the Russia’s top schools over the years. We bring the international students and leading schools together to provide an exceptional educational experience to our clients globally. Globalization has turned our world into a global village and studying abroad has become easier and flexible than ever before. Ever increasing number of students now move each year worldwide but due to enormous study options & destinations it is not easy for students and their parents to find best study options.

That’s where Manmart comes to solve all your confusions and to help you achieve your educational goals with the team of seasoned and certified education consultants. Whatever our students aspire to, whichever school or program, we ensure our students’ happiness both personally and academically. It is our focus on quality at every stage and the outstanding success of our students that has made us one of the fastest growing education consultancy firm

Our Vision

Manmart remains involved with the students during the entire cycle of their academic pursuit starting from helping them obtain Admission offers till they receive their degrees. Solving the day today problems that may arise during the stay in Russia and making travel arrangements during holidays, is an integral part of Study Manmart's services. As a comprehensive package of service, parents are also kept informed about the academic progress of the students every semester on a regular basis. Today Manmart Education is one of the fastest emerging Indian company to help Indian students to get admission in top Russian universities. The main purpose to enter in education line was to help the Indian students in Russia by honestly providing best services. Respect----We promote a diverse culture and an environment of mutual respect for our employees,our students and our partners.

Russian medical industry is one of the best in whole world today.Russia have institutions for medical care and education topping the ranks of WHO and UNESCO. Moreover, Indian students are comfortable with the listing of our medical degrees by the Medical council of India. That is why we find many Indian students opting to study at our Medical institutions every year. The cost of Medical studies at Russia, is the one of the cheapest amongst the medically developed countries all over the world. A medical student on an average has to shell out US Dollars 3200-3500 per year in the most modern medical University of Russia, on tuition fee.

Core Values

  • ✓ Student and parent focus for ensuring high level of customer services.
  • ✓ Transparency in dealing by way of providing accurate and comprehensive information to the clientele.
  • ✓ Providing Timely and effective communication whenever and wherever required and needed.
  • ✓ To work with utmost honesty and commitment for the betterment of our student community.
  • ✓ Achieving Excellence in whatever we do through creativity and innovation of the services that we provide.
  • ✓ Never giving up on the challenges faced and consistently working to overcome them.
  • ✓ Providing a conducive working environment for our employees who are our assets in maintaining a positive work, culture and healthy interactions with our clientele.
  • Why Manmart ?

  • ✓ Over more than 30 years expereice in Russia and CIS countries.
  • ✓ Affordable package .
  • ✓ Full transparency due to direct contract between university and student.
  • ✓ The student will pay fees directly to the university .
  • ✓ Free Assistance in any issues for the complete duration of Study.
  • I came to crimea from Delhi. I am doing MBBS from Crimean medical academy ,Russia. I really thank to Manmart education who explain me how the education system works in Russia. I was really impressed. They are very professional and helped me from the very start and they are really friendly. I recommend Manmart and it's advices were the best. Don't hesitate to take its services.

    Deepanshu, 25

    I am studying in first course of MBBS in Crimean medical academy,Russia. Actually I was very confused in choosing my university until I was put in touch with Manmart through a friend. The education guidance they provide is of top notch. I am extremely satisfied with their advices and services .I am extremely happy to get admission in Crimean medical academy and recommend it to students in need

    Sailuja, 20


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